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Hangover Drips

IV Hangover Drips

We’ve all had that special occasion, holiday party, family get together or night out on the town that we regretted in the morning. Our uniquely designed IV Hangover Drips will help ease those lingering hangover blues and have you bouncing back in no time.

Benefits of IV Hangover Drips

If you have a big night out on the town planned, a bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding, or any other event you’re attending, we have just what you need before you go! Vitality Infusions & Hydration’s Proactive drip will give you that extra hydration and energy boost to help stave off the morning after woes.

Boost your infusion with Carnitine or Taurine for added energy


Did going out for “one” drink turn into one too many? Feeling hungover, sluggish, dehydrated, sick to your stomach, or feeling regretful? Unfortunately, hangovers can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but most people don’t have that much time to recuperate. Our Reboot IV infusion targets the cause of your symptoms with a formula designed to detoxify and hydrate your body, as well as speed up recovery time from those unwanted feelings of regret. 

Boost your infusion with B12 or Carnitine for extra energy, Pepcid or Reglan for acid reflux or heartburn, and Toradol for pain

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